Saginaw residents say they are 'becoming the victim' after two overnight homicides

After two overnight homicides Saginaw residents are saying these seemingly constant crimes are victimizing them.

"I've had a son that died. Iâ??ve had a son that got shot you know I've been definitely effected by it," said Saginaw resident Ronald Husky.

Patience is growing thin. Saginaw residents are cleaning up the remnants of last nights first homicide on East Holland Avenue.

"This city is really, just a shame," said Camera Moses.

About four hours later another black male was pronounced dead on 9th and Perkins Streets.

"In the last couple of weeks look how many deaths we have had. Everyday I hear a shooting," said Husky.

Police agencies are not releasing the names of either victim until their families are notified.

"They do not look at this time like they are related homicides," said Saginaw Police Department Public Information Officer Reginald Williams.

The community says they are growing tired of living in fear and sorrow.

"You don't just affect yourself you affect the lives of a lot of other people," said Husky.

Residents surrounding both homicides believe the information is out there.

"Tell what they have seen in order to get those who are doing these things off the street," said Clarence Sanders.

"But then you end up getting shot or whatever, I don't know," said Moses.

Ronald Husky is offering another solution; getting what he calls young kids off the street at curfew.

"You stop that and I think you can stop a lot of this random shooting because most of the time it's the younger kids." said Husky.

Both overnight homicides are under investigation by the Michigan State Police and the Saginaw Police Department. Anyone with information is urged to contact crime stoppers.