Saginaw School Board approves new deficit elimination plan

The Saginaw School Board met Tuesday night to vote on a new deficit elimination plan.

The Saginaw School Board has approved a new deficit elimination plan by a 4-3 vote.

The new plan will keep Saginaw High School and Arthur Hill High School open with the each school housing grades 8-12.

Pre-K though fifth graders will attend classes in eight elementary schools. The district will re-open the Arthur Eddy Academy, which was closed following the 2013 school year, as one of the district's elementary schools.

Under the new plan, the district will be forced to close three schools- Heavenrich, Houghton and Rubin Daniels, as well as the staff development center.

All sixth and seventh graders in the district will attend Willie E. Thompson Middle School.

In addition to the building closures, the district will also cut 50 teachers and staff over the course of the next two fiscal years. And the district will no longer have an athletic budget as of the 2015-16 fiscal year.

The goal of the plan it to put the district back in the black by the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

The board will meet to discuss and review transitional procedures during the next couple of months.

The school board is also still deciding whether or not to close the district's administration building.