Saginaw school board delays vote on deficit elimination plan

Emotions ran high tonight in Saginaw where school district leaders delayed a vote on their deficit elimination plan.

The school board gave parents a chance to ask questions and voice their concerns over the proposed plan.

Part of the plan includes closing 3 schools, including Saginaw High School.

Parents from nearby Buena Vista Township, where the state dissolved the school district last year, say this is the last thing they want to happen after they had to switch school districts.

"I know that they are trying to do the best they can" says William Bradley.

"But all this makes things difficult. I'm just hoping that they fix everything now so next year we're not here doing this same thing again".

The board will vote on the deficit elimination plan at the end of this week.

The district must submit it to the state by Monday or risk losing state aid for the month of February.