Saginaw school district granted extension for deficit elimination plan

Saginaw High School

The Michigan Department of Education has given the Saginaw school board until Tuesday, February 18th to come up with a deficit elimination plan. Parents are hoping the district figures a way out of debt so their students will have options.

â??Itâ??s a disappointment that it's gotten to this point,â?? says William Bradley. It's a point Bradley has heard before. The Buena Vista resident has a 10th grader at Saginaw High School.

â??Before they closed B.V., he was supposed to go to B.V. schools,â?? says Bradley.

Heâ??s hoping Saginaw High School stays open so his son has a school to call home.

â??Itâ??s kind of tough. You look at it as being homeless,â?? says Bradley. â??You have to go somewhere else where you don't have any ties to,â?? he adds.

â??Thereâ??s always a possibility that we may end up like Buena Bista but at this point, Iâ??m not willing to accept that as our fate,â?? says Glenda Richardson-Vaughn, vice president of the Saginaw board of education.

Richardson-Vaughn says officials are now weighing two options---close Saginaw High School or convert it to a seven through 12th grade school.

â??We're in a position where we have to meet the deadline and I think the board is more than willing to put in whatever time is necessary,â?? sayds Richardson-Vaughn.

With a deadline looming, Bradley is keeping his eye on the clock, hoping his son will have options for next year.

â??(Itâ??s) surprising things have gotten this bad this quick,â?? says Bradley.

The school district is facing a $6.1 million deficit. There is another meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 5:30 at the administration building. The meeting is open to the public.