Saginaw schools kick off campaign to fight hunger

Saginaw Public Schools, SodexoMAGIC, and Hidden Harvest are teaming up to fight hunger and are holding a food drive that will last through May 30, 2013.

The food drive begins on Monday and all K-12 Saginaw Public Schools will participate in collecting canned goods on a weekly basis. The canned goods will be picked up every Thursday by SoedxoMAGIC.

"Hunger is a plight that affects us all, whether directly or indirectly, and it's up to each of us to help eradicate it," SodexoMAGIC General Manager Cedric Hodo said. "The STOP Hunger Food Drive is one way that we as a community can create solutions by working together and providing food assistance to neighbors who may be quietly struggling with hunger."

Each school's total contribution will be weighed and recorded and the school that donates the most canned goods will receive a prize.

For more information, contact Cedric Hodo at SodexoMAGIC at (989) 399-6581 or Safiya Mosley at Saginaw Public Schools at (989) 399-6631 or