Saginaw violent crime drops to start 2014

The Saginaw Police Department says violent street crimes are down in 2014.

Accounting for a drop in violent crime is difficult but the Saginaw Police Department and community groups are chocking it up to trust and good police work.

"I had a member just last year who I buried," said Citizen Advisory Committee President Robert Davis.

Since losing a friend to violent crime Pastor Robert Davis' mission on the advisory committee has renewed meaning.

"Itâ??s personal and it hurts you, you feel the pain," said Davis.

Davis brings victims of violent crimes into community forums with police. He says the meetings are creating the trust needed to turn in criminals.

"Shootings, stabbings, felonious assaults and things of that nature and as of right now things look pretty good for the city of Saginaw," said Sergeant Reggie Williams.

Williams says making arrests in the cases of 6-year-old Layâ??la Jones and Tonquinesha McKinley are clearing the streets of violent offenders.

"To have the main players standing trial I think itâ??s huge for the city of Saginaw," said Williams.

Yet people in Saginaw say the dip in crime is false advertising.

"I would say itâ??s too early to tell considering what the weather is," said Saginaw resident Harry Simms.

Saturdays quadruple shooting outside terry's place is keeping lifetime resident Harry Sims on the fence about a decrease in crime. But others see improvement.

"Iâ??m excited we are really working hard to make sure people understand there's hope here," said Davis.

"For Saginaw remains homicide free in 2014 but Sergeant Williams does say the man shot Saturday night is still in critical condition.

New FBI statistics also show Flintâ??s violent crime is down 26%.