Saginaw welcomes the holidays with Holidays in the Heart of the City

The holiday season has arrived in Saginaw.

Tonight's display shining bright enough to bring visitors from across the country back to their original home.

"I came from Biddeford, Maine" says Al Shinkel.

"I came here all the way from Gulfport, Mississippi" says Meredith Price.

"I'm from Durango, Colorado" adds Aaron Albosta.

Holidays in the Heart of the City brings Saginaw natives home, and they're excited to se how their city has grown and brightened.

"This use to be my neighborhood when I was growing up, I was the paper boy down here" says Al.

"I was born and raised here and haven't lived here in a very long time, but I came back and heard about this and I am just glad to be here" says Aaron.

Tonight's holiday lights, band performances, and carriage rides drawing crowds to Old-Town Saginaw.

The holiday celebration is a first for one visitor.

"I have never experienced a cold Christmas or a Christmas with snow" says Meredith.

"Saw a few flurries today and right now I really want to se all the lights because I have never even experienced that so I'm here now, in Saginaw!"

Organizers are excited to have attention from so far out of town.

"I thought we would draw people from Midland, Bay City, Flint but this is fantastic" says Kathy Reis, chairperson for the festival Friday night.

"I love it!"

Organizers also say this is one of the largest crowds they have ever seen for Holidays in the Heart of the City.

The festival begins again Saturday morning at 11am with the annual Christmas parade through downtown Saginaw.