Sales tax "holidays" proposed for Michigan

A proposal in the Michigan Senate would give residentsthree "sales tax holidays" in order to buy a variety of products, sales tax free.

The proposal would set up a tax holiday at the beginning of the Summer for camping and fishing supplies. It would also be for non-motorized watercraft and off-road vehicles.

A second holiday would be for back to school supplies, clothing, and computers. This would run over Labor Day weekend.

The third and final sales tax free weekend would be for hunters, with firearms, crossbows, and ammunition all getting the tax break. This break would run from November 7th to the 9th.

â??Several other states offer similar sales tax holidays every year,â?? says State Senator John Proos, one of the bill's sponsors. â??We can see from their success that this supports our economy, saves money for Michigan families and does so with no significant cost to the state.â??

The bill is currently in front of the Senate Finance Committee.