Same-sex marriage supporters rally in Flint

While a stay on same-sex marriages has been extended indefinitely in Michigan, supporters of marriage equality are not deterred. They've taken their fight to the Genesee County courthouse steps and they're finding a lot of supporters.

"Michigan's a step behind theâ?¦something,â?? says Annette Loubert, standing with her partner Jill Nowicki.

The couple of 15 years have a Michigan marriage license but right now, it doesnâ??t mean much.

â??Finally recognized,â?? says Loubert who married Nowicki over the weekend in Oakland County. â??At least for 10 minutes,â?? she adds.

Governor Rick Snyder says their marriage will not be recognized while Michiganâ??s same-sex marriage ban works its way through the courts.

â??It makes me feel like a part of a person that they don't treat me as a whole person,â?? says Loubert.

These protestors say they just want what everybody else has.

"Sara isn't able to be recognized on my pension, get benefits through me,â?? says Anne Anglim of Fenton, referring to her partner Sara Griffin.

The Genesee County clerk is siding with the protestors.

"It might be a law to some people and it might be a nice ceremony to others but we are affecting real people,â?? says Gleason.

But activist Stacy Swimp says the people of Michigan have already spoken.

â??I'm optimistic that the U.S. Court of Appeals will respect the voting rights of the people of Michigan,â?? says Swimp, founder of Revive Alive.

â??Love will prevail eventually,â?? says Griffin.

â??You cannot change the very institution of family just because you re-create it. At the end of the day, you have to pro-create it,â?? says Swimp.

â??Marriage equality is inevitable,â?? adds Griffin.