Sanford residents get first glimpse at flood damage

The Village of Sanford is starting to feel relief after flood waters took over much of their downtown.

"Waterfront property for sale any takers," asks Dawn Hock.

Hock finds humor in a serious situation as she gathers the last of her salvageable belongings from her now submerged home.

"Itâ??s either this or cry and I think I have done enough of that," said Hock.

Most of Hock's home on Railroad Avenue is ruined. She lives down river from the Sanford Dam that has been running full tilt for more than 24 hours.

"All that water has to go somewhere and they canâ??t let the water over flow the dam," said Sanford resident Cody Randolph.

The Tittabawasse River crested around 11 Tuesday morning. Now, hock is wading through the water to get glimpse of the damage.

"The kitchen floor is disgusting, you step on it and everything moves," said Hock.

Midland county emergency operations are expecting the water to recede over the next few days. Meanwhile flood victims are putting another spring soaking in the past.

The American Red Cross is still providing aid at their shelter at Central Middle in Midland.