Saturday warm-up followed by far below normal end of 2013

Relief in the form of a warm-up on Saturday is both a blessing and a curse.

First we have up to another inch of snow to watch for tonight before we get a break.

While the warmer temperatures will rid us of the ice danger Mid-Michigan has faced since last weekend, it also causes an ice danger.

While the ice thaws, chunks can be expected to fall unexpectedly and if that wasn't enough, those falling pieces could cut power again.

Once the brief warm-up fades away, Sunday becomes the gateway to extremely cold temperatures.

Our normal temperature for this time of year varies from 30 degrees to the south to the mid-20's in our northern counties.

Overnight normal's for this time of year are in the upper teens while next week is bouncing a degree or two on either side of zero.

Next week our southern counties will have highs in the teens and lows most likely in the single digit negatives.

Any wind at all will cause wind chills to drop, especially overnight, and with festivities for some communities outside on New Years Eve make sure you have solid winter gear.

Overnight hours will be the hardest part of it, while daytime highs should get a boost from the sun returning a bit.

While some areas have of course hit this mark already, low temperatures such as these have not hit widespread yet this season and normally do not hit until late January.

Stay warm and bundled up this coming week as we bid farewell to 2013 and usher in a 2014 that starts a bit frozen.

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