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      Scam artist targets Fenton area business

      Authorities say a scam artist is claiming to be from fire department and is trying to charge for inspections.

      Authorities in the Fenton area are warning businesses to be on alert.

      Officials say earlier this week a manager from a Fenton Township restaurant reported a man walked in and claimed to be working for the township fire department. He tried to charge the manager for an inspection. Investigators say he was wearing a uniform.

      Fenton Township Fire Chief Ryan Volz said his inspectors will have identification and will also be in a department car when they do inspections.

      "We don't bill on the inspection. We do the inspection and the township invoices it. There's no money handed over with our inspectors," said Chief Volz.

      Chief Volz said his department is doing inspections in the area but they will usually call ahead. If you see someone suspicious you asked to call police.