Scarred for life: Flushing man walks tall

Keith Edmonds

When Keith Edmonds looks in the mirror, he sees a daily reminder of how he was abused as a child. When he was a 14 month old baby, growing up near Flint, his mom's boyfriend did a horrible thing. He burned Keith's face. That man served 10 years in jail for the crime. Now Keith is telling everyone who will listen: he won't be defined by that act.

He's a motovational speaker now, telling people he's faced the situation head-on. While attending Flushing High School he excelled as a wrestler. He also attended Mott Community College. Now he works for Dell Computers in Nashville.

He's writing a book about his life. He's also speaking out about "perseverance born from adversity". He 'll talk in his hometown of Flushing on Saturday at City Shoppe Cafe at 7 o'clock. Although his childhood was marred by tragedy, Keith is an inspiration to a lot of people.

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