Schauer says he'd create tens of thousands of jobs

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer has unveiled an economic blueprint he says will create "tens of thousands" of jobs if he defeats Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.

Schauer on Tuesday proposed tripling the percentage of Michigan's electricity that must come from renewable sources within 20 years and rebuilding crumbling roads. He's also renewing his call to restore income tax exemptions for retirees and others.

Schauer says he opposes raising the gasoline tax to fix transportation infrastructure. He instead would "cut wasteful spending" and ask trucking companies to pay higher fees.

Snyder campaign spokeswoman Emily Benavides says Snyder has a "clear record" of more than 250,000 private-sector jobs created under his watch and the lowest unemployment rate in years. She says Michigan lost more than 300,000 jobs when Schauer was a lawmaker.