School closes historic building due to budget cuts

Inside the hallways of the Educational Services Center

Budget cuts cause a local school district to close down its administration offices housed in a historic building, but officials with Bridgeport-Spaulding Community Schools say it will open more possibilities.

Set inside a residential neighborhood, the Educational Services Center has seen quite a bit.

Built in 1880 as the old village schoolhouse, it's showing and sounding its age.

"They've come to be part of daily life, so we'll miss the creaking floors," says superintendent Gloria Rubis.

Hanging on the wall is a picture of the class of 1919 who attended the school house, which was turned into an administration building.

There's a picture of the building in 1968.

"It is bittersweet because there are many people in our community who remember this building who went to school in this building," says Rubis.

In today's educational system, the building is considered a "want" instead of a "need."

The administration offices are moving to Bearcat Boulevard inside one of the wings of the high school where the counseling offices used to be.

School administrators say while it's always painful to cut things, it's a little easier to swallow knowing students won't be affected.

"We always have to do what's best for kids. If that can be the end result, whether you agree with the action or not, if kids are the winners, then we've done our job," says Rubis.

Bridgeport-Spaulding Community Schools is also announcing open enrollment for non-resident students.

In 2007, the school board decided to close its enrollment and focus on improvement.

"We have gone up in our test scores. We have made adequate progress. We have updated our facilities, and we have many things to offer," says Rubis.

Students who live across the street are now eligible to attend Bridgeport-Spaulding Community Schools as well as all of Saginaw County.

Closing the administration building will save the district $25,000 a year.

School officials say that savings will increase with not having to maintain or repair the older building in the future.

The district is inviting prospective students to tour the school now and enroll for the fall.