School leaders praise anti-bullying bill

Dr. Craig Douglas of Carrollton Public Schools discusses anti-bullying legislation. / Jason Dubois

Michigan State House Education Committee members passed a set of anti-school bullying measures that come as welcome news to Carrollton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Craig Douglas.

Now with Myspace and those other things, I don TMt mean to pick on that, but it TMs just an example of how it can be used and whipsawed back to a bully situation, he said, speaking of the phenomenon known as Cyberbullying.

The legislation now goes before the full House for a vote, and would require school districts to investigate cases of harassment. Carrollton has not had any major cases of bullying, but the state mandates would come on top of an already pro-active set of harassment policies.

Probably in terms of operational procedures, it probably wouldn TMt impact us greatly but we would comply and we would respond with whatever the legislation requires us to do, he said.

Douglas said each school has a policy handbook that goes to parents detailing current policies. In addition, a liaison officer works along with school counselors to keep in touch of the student body.

We have a great staff that respond, Douglas said. I think that TMs the whole key. Regardless of what the policy says, it TMs the operational back-up that really matters, he added.

It TMs not clear when the measure will face a full vote by the House.