School officials weigh gun policy after parent totes gun to school

The Clio school district has adopted a new weapons policy

The Clio area school district is in the crosshairs of a gun debate after a parent open-carries his pistol on campus.

That parent is allowed, according to Michigan state law, to carry his gun on school grounds but officials say if it happens again, the school is going into lockdown.

Kenneth Herman says a new sign at Edgerton Elementary School on Vienna Township violates his right to bear arms.

Hermanâ??s job prohibits him from being on camera but he wants his voice heard.

"I just wanted to pick up my daughter and we wouldn't be going through any of this. All they had to do was fall in line with state law, we wouldn't be going through any of this,â?? says Herman of Clio.

The Edgerton Elementary School parent was asked to leave campus after officials spotted him open carrying his licensed pistol.

â??In this day and age, it's very important that we treat all safety issues as a very high priority for our schools,â?? says Eric Wood, a school board trustee.

â??With all the school shootings that have been going on, common sense would tell you not to bring a gun to school to begin with,â?? says Joe Huber, the grandparent of a student at Edgerton Elementary School.

â??Because you have that right, doesn't mean it's best decision you can make,â?? says Chris Swanson, the undersheriff of Genesee County.

But Herman says carrying his gun is his right and a sign won't stop him.

â??I simply carry my gun everyday that I possibly can,â?? says Herman.

Officials says if it happens again, the school is going into lockdown.

â??We will have to,â?? says Wood.

"If someone walks into a school, with an open carry, it's very likely that the school will go into lockdown because that's their protocol,â?? adds Swanson.

Herman says he understands safety is a concern but thinks a lockdown isn't necessary.

â??I'm a parent there, Iâ??m there to pick up my daughter. I don't mean any harm for them to go into a lockdown,â?? says Herman.

A law that would allow Herman to conceal carry his gun on school property is currently tied up in the Michigan state legislature.