School shooting drill prepares schools, first responders

It's a nightmare no parent, student, community or school district wants to deal with but school violence has become a reality and communities are preparing.

With the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting still fresh in the minds of people across the country local districts are stepping up to be prepared for the absolute worst.

Thursday, police responded to Bay City central High School for reported gunshots.

15 students injured.

But this emergency situation was planned. It was a drill.

Students played the part of school shooting victims in an emergency response disaster.

The scene played out as it would in a real school shooting.

Police, McLaren Bay Regional Hospital employees, Bay City Central School officials and the media all responding.

Organizers say working together is the key to preparedness.

"Kids within the school system need to know what to do if a perpetrator comes into the building we need to know what to do as an EMS service provider if this type of scenario occurred here with lots of casualties," said Lee Howie, EMS manager for McLaren Bay Region in Bay City.

Which is what drills like this are working to avoid.

"We want to make sure that we're doing everything we can possibly do to make sure that our students and our staff and visitors in our buildings are safe," said Doug Newcombe, superintendent of Bay City Central Schools.

What is a drill at Bay City Central has become a reality for many communities across the country with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting still seared in the memories of many.

"As in the school shootings and the disasters you see around the U.S. you never know when it's going to hit your community so you have to prepare like it could," said Howie.

School officials say this is the first event of its kind in the area that is partnering the school with hospital employees and local law enforcement.