Science Park to replace Genesee Towers

The sounds of pre-demolition work are filling the downtown Flint air leading to road closures and daydreams of what Flint will look like without its tallest building.

â??I've been trying to picture the landscape or the skyline when Iâ??m driving into town,â?? says Tracey Whelpley, owner of The Lunch Studio on Saginaw Street.

"We're going to have an exciting urban plaza which is going to be called Exploration Park,â?? says Ridgway Park, project manager for Uptown Reinvestment Corporation.

The plaza replacing Genesee Towers once the building comes down.

â??Weâ??ll have an exciting place for kids to come and play and roll around, explore new things and a place for office workers to have lunch,â?? says White.

â??I think it's a really good idea if they're going to order lunch from me,â?? says Whelpley.

Uptown officials say that's the idea, bringing more people downtown, visiting local businesses.

â??If you combine the park with the restaurants and the new farmer's market and the University of Michigan and all the things we have going on, every time we add a new thing, it adds to the mix,â?? says White.

The new park featuring a hands-on outdoor science museum with a xylophone, wind towers and a sun dial.

Itâ??s a much-welcomed change of pace downtown

â??Out with the old, in with the new and the old ways are done, they're not coming back, time to build a new image,â?? says Lucas Moquin of Davison.

â??Weâ??re excited to see this happen and hopefully you're excited to see some action pretty soon,â?? adds Whelpley.