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      Scramble for hotels leaves Flint residents in the cold

      Without power heading into the holidays thousands of people in Michigan are scrambling to find a warm place to stay.

      Dozens of hotels and motels around Flint have no vacancy. Hotel managers say families are pouring in for the holidays to be somewhere with heat.

      Other families are looking elsewhere to stay warm but they say the price of hotels now is enough to turn away with or without vacancy.

      "We knew they were going to be filled up because we heard there was a lot of outages," said Flint resident Tricia Huyck.

      What mother of six Tricia Huyck wasn't expecting was the price of local hotels and motels.

      "Really around the holidays nobody has much money to pay for all of that," said Huyck.

      I called Flint's Holiday Inn, whose online price per night is $78. Hotel employees say a cheaper price is usually found online. But rooms tonight are now going for $129 a night.

      "I donâ??t like that they increased their prices around Christmas because they should have some compassion," said Huyck.

      Travel Inn Manager Kaushik Patel says his Dort Highway motel is extending the compassion Huyck is looking for.

      "We are not charging anyone any extra money other than our thirty dollar," said Patel.

      He says he is getting a different kind of payment.

      "Thanks they give us for a roof, a hard roof over their head," said Patel.

      For now Tricia and her kids are riding out the storm at a local warming shelter, while her husband spends the day bell ringing for the Salvation Army.

      To check the power in your area visit Consumers Energy.