Search and rescue efforts continue for missing Flint Township man

Stan Visser and friends searching for Darwin Smith on a bridge along Elms Road.

The search for a missing 76-year-old Flint Township man enters its fourth day as family; friends and neighbors comb the area for his whereabouts.

"Iâ??ve known their family I grew up with his kids and Iâ??m just compelled to do it," said Stan Visser.

Visser is searching for his friend of more than 40 years.

"Everyday we go out," said Visser.

Since Darwin Smith was seen walking away from his recovery home at Genesee Gardens in Flint Township Tuesday Visser has been searching.

"Iâ??m a pair of boots on the ground not a part of the strategy. Were following the direction of the search and rescue team," said Visser.

The Shiawassee Search and Rescue team is still calling their efforts a rescue mission. Crews are expanding their search radius into corn fields and are handling every second as critical time.

"I don't know what else I can say what else we can do because we are doing everything we can and we do need all the help we can get," said Shiawassee Search and Rescue member Deborah Adkins.

Volunteers and professionals are asking for any help they can get, even if you canâ??t go out and search.

"Just the little things, drop off a case of water if you canâ??t get out there and pound the ground," said Adkins.

Each pair of boots working with search and rescue is getting one step closer to returning smith to friends and family.

"I am going through a few ups and downs at the end of the day based on if I am tired or not," said Visser.

He says his fatigue doesn't matter only getting Darwin back to his family in time.

"Everyday we go out and we pray and hope, were going to find him," said Visser.

Search and rescue crews say to wear pants and walking shoes to the Mayfair Bible Church on Pierson Road starting at 9 oâ??clock tomorrow morning to get involved.