Security video shows vandalism to Flint's Alternative Path Academy

Vandals broke computers at the school.

Cell phone video shows sinks ripped out of the bathroom walls with the water still running.

â??Itâ??s disheartening to look at the damage that was done in the building,â?? says Sylvia Williamson, a math teacher at Alternative Path Academy. â??It just kind of makes your stomach hurt,â?? says Williamson.

Teachers at Flint's Alternative Path Academy were surveying the damage Friday.

â??Why would you want to do this?,â?? says Jannora Lauderdale, superintendent of the school. â??Why would you want to destroy not only school but your community area? Why would you want to destroy it?,â?? she adds.

Teenaged vandals broke in Tuesday, smashing windows, destroying computers and throwing paint all over the walls.

â??It should be a sacred place that people respect,â?? says Williamson.

Teachers have just two weeks to clean this up or find another home for the school.

â??Iâ??m just kind of overwhelmed right now,â?? says Williamson.

One way or another, these teachers are determined to reopen the school doors.

â??Not opening September 3rd is not an option,â?? says Lauderdale.

If you would like to help, call 810-877-6189.