See a by-county list of military equipment acquired by state and local police in Mid-Michigan

The ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri has started a national discussion on many subjects, one of which is local police departments having access to military equipment.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has expressed concern over this trend, saying that when police and citizens need to restore calm, that using military equipment sends "a conflicting message."

Now, the Senate Armed Forces Committee is going to review the program that allows local police to have access to the military equipment. A congressman from Georgia says he will introduce legislation that will, he says, reverse police militarization.

The New York Times, using publicly available information from the Department of Defense,created an interactive map of items provided to local law enforcement. Items like assault rifles, armored vehicles, even grenade launchers, are all made available to local governments.

Counties across Mid-Michigan have taken advantage of the program. Here is a list of counties, and what equipment they have acquired, according to that map.

Genesee County

Assault rifles: 86

Body armor pieces: 20

Night vision pieces: 12

Shotgun: 5

Saginaw County

Assault rifles: 30

Body armor pieces: 7

Night vision pieces: 1

Pistol: 14

Mine-resistant vehicle: 1

Other armored vehicle: 1

Bay County

Assault rifles: 44

Shotgun: 54

Midland County

Assault rifles: 13

Tuscola County

Assault rifle: 22

Shotgun: 3

Huron County

Assault rifle: 18

Body armor pieces: 9

Night vision pieces: 1

Lapeer County

Assault rifle: 14

Livingston County

Night vision pieces: 256

Body armor pieces: 65

Assault rifle: 15

Mine-resistant vehicle: 1

Shiawassee County

Assault rifle: 2

Gratiot County

Assault rifle: 14

Pistol: 2

Arenac County

Assault rifle: 6

Ogemaw County

Night vision pieces: 182

Assault rifles: 8

Iosco County

Assault rifle: 9

Night vision pieces: 2

Clare County

Assault rifle: 24

Pistol: 15

Body armor pieces: 11

Night vision pieces: 6

Gladwin County

No items reported.