Senate hopeful Gary Peters visited Flint today

Gary Peters was in Flint this morning to talk about his Senate candidacy. Rep. Dan Kildee also attended the event.

The election is still 18 months away, but candidates are already saying they want to succeed Carl Levin in the Senate.

Democratic Congressman Gary Peters threw his hat into the ring yesterday in his hometown of Rochester.

He was in Flint this morning, with Congressman Dan Kildee.

Peters says he's on a listening tour.

He also says that he's learned from a previous loss in his only statewide race.

"I ran for Attorney General and when I lost that race it was the closest race in 80 years. So it was a razor thin loss. Since that time I've won three congressional races and did it by being out in the community and solving problems," said Rep. Gary Peters.

State Republicans have already dubbed Rep. Peters "Big Government Gary."