Serial killer task force grows, police around state help in manhunt

Michigan State Police say they have increased the size of the task force searching for the serial killer that terrorized Genesee County and possibly communities in Ohio and Virginia.

There are now 20-full-time investigators on the case. Originally there were 14 assigned full-time.

Many more are assisting on a part time basis manning the toll free tip line set up.

Local police organizations say that doesn TMt mean only 20 investigators are on the look-out around the clock.

We really want to get him, says Davison Township Police Chief Larry Hrinik.

The serial stabber hasn TMt found victims in Davison Township, but all officers on patrol in the township are aware that he is out there somewhere. If he drives through Davison Township, they want to catch him.

Michigan State Police and The Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police are sending all departments in the state special intelligence bulletins.

The bulletins contain information that could help police identify the suspect, surveillance pictures gathered, and a composite sketch of the suspect. Officers often print them out and have them in the patrol car with them for reference.

Davison Township Officers have made several traffic stops after seeing green Blazers, like the one caught on surveillance video after a stabbing police say the serial stabber may have committed. They know it may be an inconvenience for people who own such vehicles, but say it is in the interest of public safety.

Chief Hrinik says simple traffic stops have lead to the arrest of major criminals before, such as in the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Hrinik says while all departments are on the look-out anyone with tips should not call their local police department. He says they can save valuable time in the hunt for a killer if they call the tip line set up by Michigan State Police at 1-866-246-9500.