SERIAL KILLER TIP LINE: Police and residents hope clues catch killer

Investigators are counting on the public to help them find a serial killer that may have found victims in Genesee County, Virginia, and Ohio.

In the Flint area the serial killings have terrorized folks living at Carriage Town Ministries in Flint. Police warned the ministry almost two weeks ago a killer may be hunting nearby. Several of the up to fifteen stabbings that killed five people in Genesee County happened a short distance from the ministry.

Then the bloodshed hit the ministry to the core.

Two of our residents lost two different loved ones, says Interim Asst. Men TMs Director Eric Lewis.

One resident went to the funeral of his relative today.

This is affecting everyone, says Lewis. We TMre all together in this, and we all want to look out for everyone TMs safety. This could happen to anyone TMs family member.

It TMs a depressing situation, says Carriage Town Ministries resident Kelvin Towner.

He says he finds no solace in the knowledge the killer may have left the Flint-area for now. The killer could come back and appears to be on the move. Police are investigating whether the same man stabbing people in Genesee County stabbed three people in Virginia last week and one in Ohio on Saturday.

We want this guy caught and off the streets, says Towner.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton held a press conference today updating the public on the investigation and asking for help getting the killer off the streets.

The eyes and ears of the community are the most important investigative tools these guys have, says Leyton.

He announced a tip line set up to handle all tips related to this case.

The number is 1-866-246-9500. All calls can be anonymous.

We will follow all leads, says Leyton.

Police took about 200 tips on Monday.