Serial stabbing suspect bound over to trial, awaiting another

Flint's serial stabbing suspect faces a judge and prosecutors Friday for allegations of assault and murder.

One of those cases will go to trial, while the other one will be considered next month.

Limping to the stand, Richard Thomas Booker describes being attacked July 19, 2010, on his way back from a Genesee Township party store. He says Elias Abuelazam tried to gut him like a fish. Booker described his attacker, "He wasn't black, and he wasn't white. He was just a big guy."

Defense attorney Brian Morley jumped all over the description. Morley says the original police report has Booker saying the attacker could have been African American and that the attacker was around 6 feet tall, 190 lbs. "I'm 6' tall and 210 lbs. That's not huge. It's an identification problem there," says Morley.

Booker says he lost 10 pints of blood in the incident and that his descriptions could have been off because of shock.

Assistant Genesee County prosecutor Tamara Phillips says, "Mr. Booker sat here and identified Mr. Abuelazam, the defendant, as his attacker and said he has seen him in his dreams every night since the attack. I believe that evidence alone is enough for this court to bind the defendant over to trial."

The judge agreed and bound the case over for trial.

During a preliminary examination, the prosecutor doesn't have to prove Elias Abuelazam did these things. He simply has to prove that a crime was committed and that Abuelezam could have done it.

In another case, a Waste Management worker describes discovering the body of 60-year-old Frank Kellybrew. Robert Craglow says, "As I pulled into the driveway, I looked off to my left in the parking lot there and seen somebody lying on the ground."

Genesee County medical examiner Dr. Allecia Wilson says, "The cause of death is due to multiple stab wounds. The matter of death is homicide."

However, the defense says another person could have committed the crime, who police have ruled out.

"From what I've read and what I heard today, gosh, the guy, a transient person lived right there, lied to the police, ran from them, hated certain people because of their background, didn't like this victim, what more do you want?" says Morley.

The preliminary exam will continue next month.

Abuelazam is also accused of killing four other people. He's charged with smashing out the windows of a vehicle and assaulting a law enforcement official in jail.