Seven Saginaw shootings in less than a week

A rash of shootings has folks in Saginaw and Buena Vista on edge. / file

Parishioners on Patrol will be holding two rallies this week in Saginaw to try and alleviate the violence, but the last five days have not been good.

Seven shootings since Friday and another one in Buena Vista Tuesday morning. Crime tape surrounded the latest shooting scene in Saginaw County.

Buena Vista police say a 31-year-old man was shot in the leg in his own home Tuesday morning.

Detective Greg Klecker of the Buena Vista department says, "We're trying to establish whether or not its going to be a home invasion and or possibly drug related."

Right now police have no leads and no suspects.

The nearby Saginaw Police Department is busy investigating seven shootings that happened in the past four days. Sgt. Joseph Dutoi with the Saginaw Police Department says, "Its disappointing that we've had this many shootings in the last several days."

The gang unit is busy mapping out what appears to be retaliation shootings.

On Friday three people were shot at Janes and 15th streets. That same night a twenty-one-year old was shot in the abdomen at this corner store on Throop. No suspects are in custody.

On Sunday evening a teenager got caught in the crossfire.

Police say a thirteen year old was shot. Again, no arrests were made.

Lastly, there were two shootings here on Harold street on Monday. An eighteen-year-old was struck in the leg.

Again, no suspects were arrested.

Police say all the shootings involved young men aged 18 to 26. Sgt. Dutoi says, "You know they're young, they're emotional, they're acting on emotion and they're not using they're intelligence."

Area pastors are trying to convince witnesses that snitching is okay when bullets are involved.