Seven shootings in five days in Saginaw

Saginaw County 911 dispatched officers to the 3200 block of Russel Monday night with reports of someone shot.

Neighbors say they saw an ambulance but did not know what happened.

Police have not released details either.

It's the latest report in a series of shootings that injured six and killed one, a 39-year-old man living at a Cumberland Street home Monday morning.

Johnny Dukes lives on Russel, near one of the shootings. "It's very disturbing. You have your family here you want to protect and put them in the best environment possible. You want them to be safe and can walk up the street and play," says Dukes.

He says it's up to neighbors to look out for each other. He says he cuts neighbors lawns when they can't get to it.

Police also say, they need all the help they can get.

"You can expect a spike in violence, a spike in response times and service calls during the busiest part of the season," says Doug Wortley, president of the Saginaw Police Officers Association.

Detectives say they have a good idea who are responsible for the shootings, but that it's difficult to get those involved to cooperate.

In the meantime, violence continues.

"The bad guys know that we're short-staffed. They have scanners that are able to listen to our activity. If they figure out that we're tied up, it could produce an opportunity for them to commit crime," says Wortley.

Meanwhile, neighbors are hoping the trend stops.

"It boils down to choices," says Dukes. "Everybody says there's nothing going on in Saginaw, nothing good, if there's nothing good, make it good."