Seven year old spearheads boots for kids donation in Saginaw

It's a big donation but it's nothing Beth Garner can't handle.

â??I really want to give other people new boots and stuff,â?? says Garner.

The seven year old, wise beyond her years, spear heading a drive to donate boots to the needy.

â??I see like people walking home from school and they don't have any boots on,â?? says Garner.

That's why Beth decided to ask her friends to donate boots instead of giving her a birthday present this year.

â??I already have a lot of stuff from Christmas and I wanted to give boots,â?? says Garner.

With this winter's deep freeze, those boots being put to good use at the Saginaw Rescue Mission.

â??For her to think of children who may not have the privileges she has right now, I think it's a great thing to see someone this young thinking about their community and their peers,â?? says Marcia Reeves who works at the Saginaw Rescue Mission.

â??She's the one who thought about kids bringing in boots so couldn't be more proud of something like that,â?? says Angela Garner, Bethâ??s mother.

Cash donations were also given to the rescue mission. Beth hopes to donate hats, gloves and mittens next year.