Several weekend shootings in Flint

Flint resident Brandon Dunbar lives near the site of the latest shooting. He says, " I don't know all that happened, but I know it wasn't right because he did it on his steps at his house."

25-year-old Michael Shields was gunn shot and killed on his own porch Saturday. Another 17-year-old victim is in critical condition.

Ramon Merriweather, Shield's brother, blames the economy for his brothers death. He says, "It ain't no jobs. It ain't no opportunity around here. All these people sitting around here with no money, they cutting off welfare, its gone get worse than this."

Also Saturday night, there was another shooting on Dupont and Pierson. 28-year-old Jason Chandler was shot, and is currently fighting to survive the gunshot wounds.

The crime rate has made Flint the most dangerous city in America.

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