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      Severe weather causes serious damage in Saginaw County

      A possible tornado ripped apart this Brant Township garage spreading it throughout the family's backyard.

      Severe storms brought heavy rain and high winds to Saginaw County, damaging several homes and knocking down trees and power lines.

      The Saginaw County Sheriff's Department says at least three homes were seriously damaged. Much of the damage occurred in Brant Township.

      ??Trees were snapping. You could see the rain going sideways and the house started shaking,?? said Terry Rosen, who had several trees down in his yard and one on his roof.

      Rosen??s neighbor down the road lost his entire garage. He rushed home after the storm went through and began going through the rubble looking for his missing chickens.

      ??I'm sure we're gonna be through the next few days, finding out things that are missing here and there,?? said Jim Post.

      The family is doing some work on their home so they had extra items stored in the garage.

      Tri-Township Fire Chief Pat Harley says it was fortunate nobody was seriously hurt. Harley says a woman was taken to a hospital who was in shock after the possible tornado moved through.

      Residents say it will likely take weeks and months to repair the damage and rebuild.