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      Severe weather potential for Monday and Tuesday

      While I would love to focus only on the heat that is normal for the month of July, we need to take a look at Monday and Tuesday severe weather chances.

      Showers and storms move in overnight tonight but are not expected to be severe.

      The SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has placed Mid-Michigan in a Slight risk for severe weather tomorrow.

      For some perspective, all the severe weather we have had has come within the slight risk category so I expect a few storms tomorrow.

      The main portion Monday should be after 2pm and last all the way to midnight.

      A basis for the strongest threat will be along a warm front lifting in Monday.

      While the set-up looks to be around the I-69 corridor, the actual location could shift north or south.

      It is mainly along that front that the threat of a tornado lies.

      While the chance is still low, it is there so as always be prepared.

      The major threats from an storms that pop would be wind and large hail, fitting with the trend from the past couple weeks.

      Tuesday is a very isolated threat but a few storms could still move in during the day.

      Check out the video for more details and stay with our NBC25 National Weather Service certified forecasts as we stay updated on this system.

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