Sgt. Sean Waterman testifies in Bluew trial

Sergeant Waterman describing how Jenny Webb was hung.

Today Sergeant Sean Waterman described bruises on Jenny Webb's body as well as cell phone calls she made just before her death.

Thursday morning sergeant Sean Waterman testified the last three phone calls on Jenny Webb's cell phone were between her and Ken Bluew. Confirming Officer Pattersonâ??s statements just a day ago. After searching the phone and reading a suicide note waterman turned his attention to Webb's bruised body.

"Inside, right inside the biceps. But like I said I didn't see those until we extended the arms that's when we noticed them,â?? said Waterman.

He also testified about the power cord they found around her neck.

"Just that the cord was taught really tight, marks that I thought were consistent with ligature,â?? said Waterman.

A central dispatcher testified that Ken Bluew answered a radio check at 9-oh-two pm. But missed one at 10:28. The dispatcher said they tried six times to summon Bluew and then sent out an emergency tone. He says Blew did not respond until seven minutes later.

Waterman also recalled Bluew's actions the night of Webb's death.

"Every time, I remember every time I moved to talk to one of the officers he was right there,â?? said Waterman recalling Bluewâ??s behavior the night of Webbâ??s death.

When Waterman went to notify Webb's family of her suicide they told him she was happy and excited for her first born child and that Buena Vista Township Police officer kenneth bluew was the father.

Waterman testified this news made him sick to his stomach.

We still have not heard from anyone in Webb's family.