Sheriff commends mother for reporting son's alleged animal abuse

VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell is commending a mother for coming forward to help solve a case of animal abuse.

Sheriff Pickell held a conference today to talk about the shih tzu dog that was found bound with electrical tape last week in Vienna Township.

Nathan McCue and Jessica Brown are facing a 4-year felony charge of torture and killing of an animal.

Police say brown's mother actually called in the tip.

"I think she was just a concerned mother/grandmother and you know I just can't imagine the mental anguish that you go through turning in your own child to save your grandchildren and you know as I said I applaud her. She's the real hero in this case,” said Pickell.

Police say McCue, the owner of the dog and Brown, the sister of McCue's girlfriend, were upset that the dog urinated on McCue's clothing.