Sheriff Pickell hosts meeting on elder abuse

Sheriff Pickell hosts a meeting on elder abuse.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell hosted a meeting on elder abuse today.

The Genesee County Elder Abuse Task Force met today to discuss what they say is an increasing problem of elder abuse.

With the economy getting worse, they say that there has been an increase in people, mostly relatives, taking money from bank accounts and social security checks.

The problem is so-widespread that there will be a statewide summit on the subject. This meeting will be held in Grand Blanc Township at the Genesys Conference Center.

At the meeting hosted by Pickell, Catherine Emerson, a member of the Prosecuting Attorney Association of Michigan, spoke about how this is an issue we need to all be worried about. That crime is rising, people are hurting, and money is being stolen from people on a fixed income.

If you know or suspect elder abuse there are numbers you can call. Genesee County has its own line at 810-424-4331. There is also a statewide number which is 855-444-3900.

Sheriff Pickell and others at the meeting said that calling these numbers will get investigators on the job right away. They take every call very seriously.