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      Shiawassee Co. investigates deadly shooting

      A man is dead. Shiawassee County authorities believe his wife shot him. She was arrested and has since been released.

      Neighbors NBC25 spoke with say it's scary to have something like this happen so close.

      However, they still say they live in a safe community, where things like this don't happen often.

      It happened in southwest Shiawassee County's Woodhull Township, just south of Laingsburg near Clinton County after 9:00 p.m.Thursday.

      Authorities say the call went out as a domestic dispute, but that when they arrived to the Laingsburg Road home, 42-year-old Dean J. Watkins was dead.

      Sheriff deputies took his wife into custody, then released her Friday morning pending further investigation.

      Shiawassee County Sheriff George Braidwood says, "In this case, there's some circumstances involved that would indicate that much more investigation needs to go into this before she would be charged, if she's going to be charged at all."

      Neighbors say the news surprised them.

      Danette Rueckert says she felt "Shock, because we walk down that road every day in the summer and the spring and it was a shock being in our community like that."

      Neighbors say the couple has not lived there very long.

      The sheriff tells me the last shooting death in Shiawassee County was in December of 2010.