Shocking Video, teen finds youtube clip of beating that forced him to have surgery

19-year-old Andrew Baum-Bancroft beaten / Courtesy YouTube

Update, February 27. 2011, 11:45 p.m.

Shortly after our newscast took this clip off its site, saying it violated the website's terms of use.

Sunday, February 27, 2011, 6;15 p.m.

Video of a fight between two Flint teens surfaces on the internet, showing a severe beating over a $1.00 pair of sunglasses.

This severe beating of a Flint teen started over a $1.00 pair of sunglasses.

The cell phone video taken on Fenton Road February 16 was titled,"D'Mark Beat White Boy Steve" on YouTube.

Andrew Baum-Bancroft says when he got off the bus he headed across the street to the Family Dollar to get something to drink, and that was when he was attacked from behind.

He says his classmate at Mott Adult High School, 17-year-old D'Markus Jones threw him to the ground, punched him, and stomped on his face.

His face was a cantaloupe, it was huge and swollen, his eye was totally swollen shut, said Heather Redmond, Baum-Bancrofts TMs friend.

Baum-Bancroft's orbital bone broke in two places.

Doctors surgically removed a bone fragment from his eye.

He says a fight with Jones just days before this got him suspended.

They say they have a ~no fight tolerance, TM even though I had a concussion and was on the ground, said Andrew Baum-Bancroft.

So when this happened a few days later, he says he refused to defend himself for fear of getting expelled.

Still, he says adults watching did nothing to help him.

The most distressing thing out of all this is that his uncle in the video was encouraging the fight, saying I had to fight, said Baum-Bancroft.

Baum-Bancroft got a personal protection order against Jones, but fears it won't matter.

Supposedly, he was saying that now that I took him out in the first fight, and he took me out in the second fight, he needs a fight to break the tie up. That's what the rumor is on the street, and I TMm not going to do it, I TMm just going to walk away, if I have to get my ass kicked again, I will, said Baum-Bancroft.

Because not being able to pursue his nursing degree scares him more.

NBC25 tried to contact the person who posted the video on YouTube.

They have not responded.

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