Shooting in Flint this morning leaves one man dead

Police responded to a shooting on the 500 block of Sheffield Avenue this morning.

*** UPDATE ***

Police say they now have a suspect in custody.

The Flint Township police recovered a black SUV that matches the description matches of a vehicle related to some recent armed robberies and was also spotted in the area of the homicide.

Police are still searching for other suspects.


One man is dead after a shooting this morning in the city of Flint.

The shooting occurred on the 500 block of Sheffield Avenue near Brentwood Drive. Neighbors called police after hearing shots being fired at around 6:50 this morning.

The Flint police told NBC25 that when they arrived, they found a man dead in the front yard of a home.

Detectives are on their way to the scene now to investigate.

Sheffield is currently closed to traffic while police investigate this death.

Flint police are also seeking three suspects in connection to another shooting that took place overnight in Flint that left one woman in serious condition.