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      Shooting victim Alan Hutson, Jr.'s family speaks, hopes good can come of tragedy

      Alan Hutson, Jr. was shot Sunday on this porch on Randolph Street.

      No one who knew Alan Hutson, Jr. would deny he had a special gift.

      "He had the personality to bring laughter to whoever you were,?? described Minister Dequan Ford, who mentored Hutson at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

      And no one thought tears would be shed for him at Wednesday??s prayer vigil. Hutson was shot to death Sunday across his house on Randolph Street.

      "He was murdered, he was slaughtered,?? said Hutson??s mother, Sandra York. ??I looked at my baby's brain on the porch.??

      The 20-year-old ITT Tech student is the latest homicide victim in Saginaw.

      "I looked up to my brother and now he's gone for no reason,?? said Hutson??s younger brother, Andre.

      Dozens of friends, relatives and church members lifted up prayers and songs Wednesday to mourn Hutson's death.

      The tragedy is fueling Hutson's pastor Larry Camel's efforts to mobilize the community.

      Camel's group, Parishioners on Patrol, is partnering with Crime Stoppers to reduce violent crime. Their first mission is to find Hutson's killer.

      "What this whole Saginaw community needs is young people coming back and giving back to the community, and not destroying the community,?? Camel said about his new initiative.

      Sandra York says if she can spare just one other mother from her pain, the call to action would be a success.

      "I'm not the only mother who's cried over her son who was slain,?? she said. ??And this summer, there's going to be a lot more if people don't stand up and speak out."

      If you have any information about Hutson??s death, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL or Parishioners on Patrol at (989) 759-1220.

      Visitation hours for Alan Hutson, Jr. are from 2 ?? 8 p.m. Monday, March 26, at Paradise Funeral Chapel at 3100 South Washington Avenue. The funeral service will take place at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 17.