Shoppers look for handmade gifts on Small Business Saturday

Flint area residents are showing off their craft making skills while boosting the economy.

The 7th annual holiday craft market at the Flint Masonic Center hosted about 45 vendors all selling different goods.

Many of the vendors make crafts in their free time outside their full-time jobs.

The market is giving them a chance to make money from their hobby while boosting the economy and providing many holiday gifts for shoppers.

"We encourage creative expression and commerce so we have a place for people to craft recreationally like maybe it makes them feel good to make gifts or if that's not their thing they can come to craft market and shop," said Crystal Pepperdine, founder of Flint Homemade.

The first 25 shoppers into the Flint Masonic Center received a free bag local, handmade items.