Shoppers strategize for Black Friday shopping

As people kick off the holiday season, shopping is also underway.

Many people starting early this year ahead of the Black Friday rush.

"Getting the deals! You gotta come out here get in the cold with all the people fight them off and get your stuff," said Black Friday shopper, Samuel Trombley.

It's always an adventure on Black Friday but plenty of people got a chance to get a jump on the deals with stores like Target and Best Buy opening up on "Gray Thursday."

"Tonight's been great everybody came out it's been safe it's been fun sales have been awesome," said Taylor Cramton of Target.

It's a trend this year. Many stores pushing back hours and opening up on Thanksgiving including Birch Run Premium Outlets.

"We're opening because shoppers are here and they want the best deals possible and we want them to," said Lindsay Carpenter of Birch Run Premium Outlets.

Those familiar lines at the outlets stretched into Black Friday containing all walks of life.

"I talked to a couple from new jersey as a matter of fact and we have talked to people from Canada, Ontario," said Carpenter.

Even a husband and wife team who enjoy the day just the same.

"He loves it, he likes to stand in line and I go get things and all the women go oh my gosh my husband would never do that," said Robin Stec.

Thousands of shoppers make Black Friday a tradition.

"We come every year and we wear reindeer hats and Santa hats," said shopper, Linda Simmer.

Aside from the hats, Linda makes sure the family is equipped for the long day.

"Power bars and Chapstick and Kleenex and everything you would need for a day out here," said Jenny Edgar.

This year marked the earliest opening for the outlets to-date.