Should media censor Qur'an burnings?

On September 11th, several national, media outlets (including NBC and the Associated Press) chose not to cover any burnings or destructions of the Qur'an.

Media outlets reported that President Obama and General David Petraeus warned that any coverage of such destructions could be harmful for troops and citizens in Afghanistan.

The Associated Press reported that two people were killed and four injured in Afghanistan over the weekend in outrage to a threat by a pastor in Florida who stated he was going to burn the Qur'an. The pastor chose not to burn the Muslim sacred book, but protesters in eastern Logar province apparently did not receive that information and continued to chant "Death to America." The AP reports the group also burned tires, attacked several shops, and set election campaign posters on fire.

In Lansing, Michigan a Qur'an was defecated upon and burnt in front of a Muslim Mosque.

NBC25's Kim Russell is investigating this story and will have complete details Tuesday on NBC25 News at 6:00 pm.

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