Should nativity scenes be allowed on public property?

People look over the Nativity scene, Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, on Mound Road in Warren. After a four-year absence, the display returned after resident John Satawa secured a permit.

A Nativity scene has returned to public land in a Detroit suburb after a man sued to save the decades-old display.

The Detroit News reports that John Satawa erected the Nativity Saturday after Macomb County granted a permit.

His family had been responsible for the Nativity scene since the 1940s, but there was no crèche from 2008 until now after someone complained.

The county said the display would be a hazard on a median in Warren, on Mound Road just north of Chicago Road and federal Judge Gerald Rosen agreed.

But an appeals court in August overturned the decision, saying religious content and not safety seemed to be the county's motive in rejecting it. Satawa says the Nativity scene will be up for two weeks.

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