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      Should stricter texting and driving laws exist in Michigan?

      According to the National Safety Council more than 1.6 million accidents per year are caused by people who are texting and driving.

      Michigan has laws to prevent texting and driving but some people think they laws are just not strict enough.

      "We need to do something now," Michigan motorist Chuck Togger said. "Too many people are driving while using their cell phone."

      Kelsey Raffaele was killed in a car accident near Sault Saint Marie in 2010 while using her cell phone. Visit for more about Kelsey's story.

      Her mom is working to get cell phones banned from cars all together. and some agree with her position.

      "There should be a law against using them while they are driving," Michigan motorist Norris Tony said.

      Right now Michigan law says a person shall not read, manually type, or send a text while driving.

      The Saginaw County Sheriff's Department also takes part in a campaign with AT&T to stop texting, it's called "it can wait".

      "We recognize there is a grave danger. It's almost on the verge of becoming an epidemic," Sagainw County Sheriff William Federspiel said.

      However, the law is difficult to enforce and the $100 fine not enough to dissuade motorists.

      "I would have to prove that they are texting and driving and not just making a phone call because making a phone call is legal," Federspiel said.

      There's no new legislation pending in Michigan about texting and driving.

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