Showers return as the heat leaves

Showers make a return on Monday, leading off a week that sees colder air attempt to flood in from the north.

This is NOT the Polar Vortex everyone keeps talking about so let me explain what is happening in the short form.

The vortex is always there, over the north pole, high in the atmosphere.

This winter a small piece of it moved low over us and was caught in the jet stream bringing the frigid and unforgettable winter.

This week a small nub if you will, will be swept again by the jet and bring cooler air.

But seriously, look at the temperatures, I think this beats not getting above 0 all hollow.

Low pressure will spiral out of the area by later Wednesday after keepng scattered showers over us through the beginning of the week.

Heading towards next weekend is a beautiful set-up with high pressure and sunshine.

Also a return of the summer heat but not too oppressive.

One final though, watch for windy conditions Tuesday.

The front pushing through later Monday should have some embedded storms but right now I am not expecting severe weather, just a few stronger ones below the threshold.