Silent killer seeps into Genesee County well water

There's a silent killer inside Diane Gauthierâ??s Grand Blanc home in Williamsburg Farms.

"We fell in love with this home and didnâ??t want to move out because of arsenic," said Gauthier.

A professional water test revealing she, and her 92-year-old husband were consuming arsenic water.

"It's a very, very, very, frightening thing to go through," said Gauthier.

Immediately, Gauthier switched to bottled water but the damage could have already been done.

"What is arsenic going to do to my eyes, what's it going to do to my lungs... What is it going to do to you," asks Gauthier.

Water treatment specialists at Wolverine Water Treatment say Gauthier's case isn't the first. In fact, she is part of a growing problem.

"Definitely in Genesee County, quite a bit, quite a bit," said Wolverine Water Specialist Regina Padron.

Pinpointing what homes have high levels of the deadly metal is nearly impossible without an individual test.

"You can live on the same street and your neighbor may not have it," said Padron.

Since water tests revealed Gauthier was drinking 5 times the acceptable level of arsenic she is sticking to bottled water to survive because it would cost thousands of dollars to remove the poison from her water.

"Itâ??s not a good thought to think that we are getting arsenic," said Gauthier.

Arsenic is not detected in ordinary water tests if you have any doubt about this potentially deadly poison in your well water you can get a free arsenic examination through Wolverine Water Treatment.