Silo Swing art project to be unveiled in Flint

These silos are expected to be the site of a unique art project unveiled today.

Swing by Flint's Spring Grove for the chance to, well, swing.

The open space not far from downtown is home to a new art installation called Silo Swing.

It's to be unveiled by the Flint Public Art Project at an event on Thursday.

Created by New York-based artist Chris Jordan, Silo Swing is, as its name implies, a swing situated between a pair of silos.

Visitors are invited to ride the ground-level swing, which is connected to reflective, wind-catching materials above that create a light display on the silos.

Thursday's event kicks off Spring Grove Nights, a public art series that will take place on the first Thursday of the month from July to September.

The Flint Public Art Project says that local bands Patchwork Head as well as Hawk and Sons will perform.

The festivities are scheduled to begin tonight at 6 with a potluck. Bring food to pass around, the Flint Public Art Project will have plates and utensils as well as cups.

Tours of the project site and the Stockton Center begin at 7 along with the performances from the bands.

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