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      Simms Chevrolet gives tips on protecting your car against Michigan winters

      Michigan roads are notoriously harmful to cars, so how can you keep your old or new car protected through the season?

      "Basically keep it clean, try to keep the salt off" says Al Crowder, an automotive technician with Simms Chevrolet in Clio.

      Simple advice to fix the complex problem of rust brought on by a mix of snow and salt on Michigan roads.

      But according to Crowder, rust is not the only threat, there are warning signs to watch for.

      "Starting hard in the morning could mean a battery issue, something you see a lot in the cold" he says.

      "Overheating is going to be a big thing, that could mean a problem with your coolant system".

      Getting your car checked right now as winter begins can help prevent these problems.

      If your car is past the point of no return and you are looking for a new one there is a feature that fights the ice for you.

      "A lot of newer vehicles have traction control and what that does is sense wheel slippage" says Jim Simms, President of Simms Chevrolet.

      "It brakes if it needs to or adds more power in different spots when it needs to".

      In other words, the vehicle stops the slip and straightens itself out with less aggressive turning of the steering wheel.

      But the most simple advice these motor heads can give is to just get your car checked, keep up with general maintenance, and in Crowder's words "keep the car up to snuff".

      A few more tips to keeping your car winter ready:

      -Keep all fluids at their required level.

      -Watch for grinding in your brakes, they may need to be replaced.

      -Watch your tire tread depth. If you can stick a quarter in the tread and it goes below the crest of the head your treads are too low.

      -Keep your tires at equal tire pressure to prevent wear on individual tires.

      -Tap snow off of shoes before entering the interior, keeps mats clean and prevents mold forming.

      -Allow your car a minute or two to warm up before driving.