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      Sinkhole causes havoc in Flint Township

      Sink hole causes havoc in Flint Township off Hogarth Ave.

      It's a nearly seven foot-deep sinkhole that's grown larger over the years, especially after heavy rainfall. It lies near the road of Vickie Johnson's property and she said It is causing havoc off Hogarth Avenue in Flint Township.

      Johnson and her neighbors told NBC25 that they have been requesting it to be repaired, but days go by and nothing has been done.

      "They keep covering it up or putting a bandage on the issue instead of just taking care of it from the start," said Lynnette Soles.

      Lynette Soles live directly across the street from the sinkhole in her neighbor's yard. Soles said before Johnson even moved to the neighborhood, the township tried to fix the issue, but they said it was a shoddy job and it has been getting worse ever since. When it rains, the holes get bigger and deeper.

      Soles added, "and now we've got flooding coming into our basement and now we don't have yards anymore. They keep giving us excuses."

      Attempting to get it fixed, Soles called the drain commission, but they told her it was the road commission's problem. When she talked to the road commission they said call the drain commission. Then she was told the township has to address their concerns. However, Johnson said she's tired of the run around.

      "The police said they were going to get a hold of the commissioner and we've never heard back from them," responded Johnson.

      "The township supervisor, she has been on to them and all they did is come out here and dug the ditches deeper and it hasn't solved nothing," Johnson said.

      "I don't know if it's just we are the lower end community or what or we don't make enough money, but I figure we pay enough taxes that they need to start taking care of us and acknowledging that we have a problem. I mean we do count, but it just feels like we don't count," Soles told NBC25.

      The fence on the edge of the hole used to be straight, but is now caving in and the driveway is cracking.

      Johnson said the the sinkhole, "goes down more and more."

      Luckily their insurance will cover some flood repair, but the gaping hole remains to be fixed.